Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Specials!

Happy End of November!

It's going to be all right. We've got a few holiday specials to cheer you up, along with a reminder that whatever you need food-wise can be delivered to your doorstep by! Lucky for all of us. 

Duck Rillettes with Sour Cherries
Pork Rillettes with Dried Apricots 
Brandade de Morue (this makes delicious latkes, FYI)

We also have our regular menu available.

Lovely photos and the easiest ever ordering info, along with descriptions and prices can be found on

If you'd like one of these specials delivered to your doorstep by Thanksgiving you'll need to order asap and no later than Sat 11/23 in case we sell out! 

You'll also find turkey, pie, bread, veggies, soups, drinks…pretty much everything good that a kid could possibly want for a 
proper day of thanks on Good Eggs

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